iPadOS 16 Beta

For the first time, I installed iPadOS Beta, and tried out some of the new features – so far, so good!

Why I Do This

I received another email looking for help, and they mentioned that they got their printer in part due to my review…..and that is why I do these videos.

CR10 Smart Final Review

After using this for several months and several projects, time for a final review on the Creality CR10 Smart!

An Outsider No More!

As I was out and about in my Ant-Man shirt, and got recognized in it (that is was Ant-Man, not me being recognized) I have come to realize that being a geek is becoming normalized.

On Air Sign

I thought my videos would look better with an On Air sign, and in looking, they cost $50 and up….so I made one, with parts from the Dollar store, for $10.

Bill and Ted Paradox

When watching Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, I noticed a paradox with Rufus’ name…..