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David Porter’s DCPfx prop work is astounding; his 3D prints are beyond crisp and clean, and the finished work looks like it’s jumped off the screen and into my collection.

A dream to work with, his communication is friendly and professional and his attention to detail is frankly unmatched. I feel like I should just have a direct deposit set up for him for me to get his latest effort.

Have you SEEN that V pistol?

Larry Young

I’ve been buying props from Dave at DCPfx for years, back when he was known as Argus on Rangerboard.

Ninjetti coins, Alien Ranger coins, SPD Containment Card – all great work, but my favourite would have to be his Samurai Amulet from Ninja Storm!

He has become my go-to guy for props, t-shirt designs, and now with his new YouTube channel, my guy for enlightening and entertaining videos as well!

Ken Lam

I met David through Power Ranger groups. I had been seeing some of his work here and there for a little while and I decided to ask him to print me some item so that I could finish it for a customer.

Ever since then, I have gone back to him for multiple 3d prints due to the amazing quality and timely manner in which he printed them, and I will continue to go to him for more projects in the future.

David is awesome and he continues to amaze me with the work he does. He does great reviews for not only the 3d prints and the models I have sent to him but he also does great reviews on 3d printers through his YouTube channel DCPfx. It is thanks to him and his help that I also acquired my first 3d printer for personal projects.

Thank you David for everything.

Guillaume Marroni

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