Thursday Night Means She-Hulk and Lower Decks

Thursday nights these days are pretty bittersweet.

On one hand, we have new She-Hulk.

On the other, new Lower Decks.

Now, I love Lower Decks – all the subtle nods to the fandom, a lot just in background shots. Don’t get me started on that Okona cameo last season.

She-Hulk? For a comedy, it is very light on the laughs – can’t recall a moment in episode 5 that triggered anything close to a chuckle, so….

But, if you love it? More power to you. I’m watching, hoping for it to get better.

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David Porter is a maker, designer, 3D printer reviewer. He loves all things sci-fi, especially Star Trek, and likes to talk about all things geeky on his YouTube channel, DCPfx.

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