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Viozon Desk Mount Review

My review of the Viozon Desk Mount.

Sternback Comm v2

Version 2 of the Sternbach comm, desinged by Dino Ignacio.

Rick Sternbach Comm Print

A concept comm badge, made real, thanks to Dino's design!

Tricorder Final Video, And I Mean It!

After looking at the last video, I noticed that the quality wasn't to my liking, so this is a final look at my Tricoder....probably.

Star Trek Generations

Star Trek Generations uniform changes confused me. Half the comand crew changes to DS9, the other half don't? Then Picard goes DS9, then in the rubble of the Enterprise, is back to TNG?

My TNG Tricoder is finally complete - this is a better look at it, and some talk on the process.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, and good riddance to 2020!

TNG Tricorder Sneak Peek

As it is finally complete, I had to share a sneak peek of it - better video coming soon.

Merry Trekmas

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa....whatever you celebrate, have a good one!

The Stand 2020

I really enjoy The Stand, so I'm wondering why the 2020 version is being made.
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About Me

I've been making props since 2005 (or even earlier if you count childhood). 3D printing is a new hobby since 2018, and I am always looking for the next cool thing to make.



David Porter’s DCPfx prop work is astounding; his 3D prints are beyond crisp and clean, and the finished work looks like it’s jumped off the screen and into my collection.

A dream to work with, his communication is friendly and professional and his attention to detail is frankly unmatched. I feel like I should just have a direct deposit set up for him for me to get his latest effort.

Have you SEEN that V pistol?

Larry Young


I’ve been buying props from Dave at DCPfx for years, back when he was known as Argus on Rangerboard.

Ninjetti coins, Alien Ranger coins, SPD Containment Card – all great work, but my favourite would have to be his Samurai Amulet from Ninja Storm!

He has become my go-to guy for props, t-shirt designs, and now with his new YouTube channel, my guy for enlightening and entertaining videos as well!

Ken Lam


Star Trek Lower Decks Comms

As I spoke on Star Trek Lower Decks in my latest video, I thought that I needed to make a comm, and if I’m making 1, 5 is not that much more work when it comes to sanding and painting.

Fury’s Toolbox

From Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, the maguffin of the first season, Fury’s Toolbox.

Icer Gun Progress

Progress on my Agents of SHIELD Icer gun.

Each side takes 16 hours to print, so not a quick process.

YouTube Channel

I asked for subscribers on Facebook, and everyone came through!

The plan was to get to 100, so I could get a custom URL, so now I can say the new address is:


My Workbench

I was asked about what was on my workbench right now, so here it is:

Lots of parts for my TNG Engineering toolkit, and some other prints I have shown already.